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Currently taking orders for custom builds & upgrade packages.

We can take your cycle shop purchased mountain bike, and customize the paint job with various colors, stencilled, or air brushed names, designs, logos, upgrade your components, just ask us what you want.

We can take your store, major chain purchased mountain bike, and upgrade it at a minimal expense to a custom build, with an economy custom paint job, suspension upgrades, disk brakes, rims, fatter more aggressive tires, anything you want, just tell us what you want, and your budget, we will work with you to give you the bike you want...

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Wildcat MTB is a privately owned company, all designs are original, logos are trademarked, all custom work is not guaranteed due to the nature of the sport, wildcat mtb will not be held liable for any failure of installed components, none of the components installed will be altered from the original manufacturer's design, unless specified by the customer, and the customer will be responsible for any damages, or injuries that can occur from modifications, in the event of a fatality wildcat mtb can not be held liable, all items are to be accepted by the customer as their responsibility, and it is up to the customer to uphold a reasonable amount of safety when using the end product.